Custom design for newly renamed #T4_OCTOBUS, a VW T4 with personality.

Jenny, commissioned us to design and make a one off design of an octopus wearing a diving bell. The idea behind it was a nod to her husbands career in the Navy, being a diver.

We created this design in two pieces and shipped it to Jenny for her and her husband to apply.

We also supplied the Istagram tag decals once they adopted the new name.

If you have a custom idea in mind, please get in touch.
With a rough idea of the design subject and size, we can give you an estimate for it to be designed, made and shipped to you. With detailed application instructions.

What’s Occurring?

It has been a while since our last post. Mainly because the lead up to Christmas has kept us busy with lots of smaller decals.

Take a look at some of what we managed to get shipped in December up to now.

FYI; We have a challenge with shipping items to Europe currently with the new Covid strain causing Royal Mail to stop taking deliveries to European destinations until the situation becomes clearer.

Lucky 13

Paul stumbled across us on Facebook, and liked the look of our Derby County decal. Impressed by the quality of our work, he entrusted us to design and make custom decals for his T5 camper.

Lucky for some

His van was recently resprayed taking inspiration from his lucky 13 gear knob, a theme he wanted to give an external nod too. He also wanted to break up the colour a little and celebrate the VW brand.

We took some photo’s and came up with some designs based of Paul’s brief, digitally super-imposing the designs onto his van showing him how it would or could look.

A few days later the designs were no longer just digital images, now ready to be applied. Being local, Paul opted to use our fitting service and picked up his van the next day. He left a happy camper.
We think these decals have totally transformed the look of the van bringing contrast and depth to the overall look.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and get in touch if you’d like to entrust us with your custom project.

A Second Look

As Promised, Karl’s Brera is back for a second helping and a different look.

Karl was over the moon with his bonnet decal, but felt it couldn’t be fully appreciated from a distance or while cruising.

It’s important to us at U-STiCK to give the customer exactly what their heart desires, But it’s equally important to show some creativity and thus provide some options.
We presented several designs for Karl by imposing them onto an image of his Brera, showing pretty accurately how each design could look.
Karl settled on his favorite, and so we created 2 new decals, at 12″ Diameter. As with the expertly applied pinstripes, Karl has superbly installed his new decals, taking pride of place on his doors.

Below are some digital mock-ups we created for Karl’s project with some different design ideas. Karl was keen not to have anything distract from his pin striping, and as you can see had other ideas for his sills.
The result, we think, looks sharp but not overstated, or overpowering existing decals.

Overall the style achieved here gives a nod to Alfa Romeo’s deep routed Motorsport history with heritage pin-striping, finished with a modern twist.

Karl is a member of a National Show Cars Club – Over Here and is looking forward to their next meet where he can show off his hard work.

A few mentions from Karl below, thanks go out to;
Wife Paula – for her support and hours spent on the car.
Gary @ Mo’s Motor Factors Fenstanton – for diligently working on the Brera.
In-laws Daf & Colin for rent free access to their driveway and tools where Karl & Paula have perfected their much loved Brera.

Karl’s Brera

What a fantastic looking Brera, it’s a credit to it’s owner Karl, who’s clearly spent many weekends polishing his pride and Joy.

Not that this doesn’t stand out from the crowd with Karl’s expertly applied pin-striping, but there’s always something extra you can do to turn a few more heads.

Karl ordered a custom Alfa Romeo Logo with Brera in matching font. I think you’ll agree it looks superb.

There’s more to come from Karl’s Brera so watch this space.

Getting Creative

We’re excited to have shipped our second order to Alfabook. This affirms Alfabook’s confidence in our quality products and our ability to meet demand.

We unleashed some creativity in this order and put together a one of a kind special edition decal for Chris’s one of a kind Alfa Romeo 159 Sports Wagon, celebrating it’s Italian heritage with the national colors, along with 3 special promotional stickers.

We look forward to seeing these applied in the wild.

Ready, Set, Ship…

Our first, bulk order of custom decals is ready to ship. We trust our client Alfabook, over at alfabook.co.uk will be happy with their custom designed decals which have been created using high quality materials, designed to last in all weather conditions.

We’re ready and waiting to continue to build on our relationship and ship over more decals soon.

Chris over at Alfabook has sent through a couple of pictures of his one of a kind Alfa Romeo 159 SW, sporting one of his customer ordered decals.
Very smart…



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