Alfa Romeo Serpent symbol self adhesive vinyl decal/sticker 12cm Green


Alfa Romeo Serpent symbol self adhesive vinyl decal/sticker 12cm Green

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Alfa Romeo’s Historic Serpent linking back to Alfa Romeo’s roots embedded in Milan.
The Serpent/or dragon as some believe is used by Alfa Romeo as a symbol of their heritage.

Explanation below:

The Serpent is a symbol of one of the most important families in the history of Milan (and Italy), the Visconti family – the family that ruled Milan. There are a lot of legends about the origins of this heraldic symbol, representing a mythological animal with a human in his mouth (some believe it to be a dragon, but most likely a snake). During the time of the crusades, Otone Visconti , the founder of Visconti Family and a knight, fought against a noble Saracen knight (nomad from the Syrian Desert that bordered the Roman Empire). Otone beat the Saracen knight and, following the tradition, took the symbols the Saracen carried on his shield: a snake with a human in his mouth. At first glance, it looks like the snake is eating the human. Instead, the human is coming out of the snake a “new man,” purified and renewed.

These are professionally cut from long lasting, high quality self adhesive vinyl. Suitable for internal and external applications and rated to last 3 years. (bodywork & windows – and any other smooth clean surface you may wish to display them, bottles, laptops, etc)

Easy to apply via the pre-applied, high quality transfer paper. Simply peel the white backing, line it up and U-STICK 🙂 Not forgetting to peel away the transfer paper afterward of course.

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