Author: Jamie

A Second Look

As Promised, Karl’s Brera is back for a second helping and a different look. Karl was over the moon with his bonnet decal, but felt it couldn’t be fully appreciated from a distance or while cruising. It’s important to us at U-STiCK to give the customer exactly what their heart desires, But it’s equally important […]

Karl’s Brera

What a fantastic looking Brera, it’s a credit to it’s owner Karl, who’s clearly spent many weekends polishing his pride and Joy. Not that this doesn’t stand out from the crowd with Karl’s expertly applied pin-striping, but there’s always something extra you can do to turn a few more heads. Karl ordered a custom Alfa […]

Getting Creative

We’re excited to have shipped our second order to Alfabook. This affirms Alfabook’s confidence in our quality products and our ability to meet demand. We unleashed some creativity in this order and put together a one of a kind special edition decal for Chris’s one of a kind Alfa Romeo 159 Sports Wagon, celebrating it’s […]

Ready, Set, Ship… Our first, bulk order of custom decals is ready to ship. We trust our client Alfabook, over at will be happy with their custom designed decals which have been created using high quality materials, designed to last in all weather conditions. We’re ready and waiting to continue to build on our […]