A Second Look

As Promised, Karl’s Brera is back for a second helping and a different look.

Karl was over the moon with his bonnet decal, but felt it couldn’t be fully appreciated from a distance or while cruising.

It’s important to us at U-STiCK to give the customer exactly what their heart desires, But it’s equally important to show some creativity and thus provide some options.
We presented several designs for Karl by imposing them onto an image of his Brera, showing pretty accurately how each design could look.
Karl settled on his favorite, and so we created 2 new decals, at 12″ Diameter. As with the expertly applied pinstripes, Karl has superbly installed his new decals, taking pride of place on his doors.

Below are some digital mock-ups we created for Karl’s project with some different design ideas. Karl was keen not to have anything distract from his pin striping, and as you can see had other ideas for his sills.
The result, we think, looks sharp but not overstated, or overpowering existing decals.

Overall the style achieved here gives a nod to Alfa Romeo’s deep routed Motorsport history with heritage pin-striping, finished with a modern twist.

Karl is a member of a National Show Cars Club – Over Here and is looking forward to their next meet where he can show off his hard work.

A few mentions from Karl below, thanks go out to;
Wife Paula – for her support and hours spent on the car.
Gary @ Mo’s Motor Factors Fenstanton – for diligently working on the Brera.
In-laws Daf & Colin for rent free access to their driveway and tools where Karl & Paula have perfected their much loved Brera.

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